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we believe:

  • You deserve an effective and vigorous defense

  • You deserve an experienced, effective and attentive lawyer of your choosing

  • You deserve to be presumed innocent

  • You deserve due process of law

  • You deserve to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures

  • You deserve peace of mind

Our beliefs inspire our mission to ensure that each of our attorneys passionately and vigorously advises and defends you whether you are under investigation anywhere in the world or being prosecuted in federal or state court anywhere in the United States. Our advice and representation are enhanced by the collaboration of three attorneys practicing criminal law exclusively for their entire careers.


About the firm:


The law firm of Ross, Amsel, Raben, Nascimento is a full service law firm handling criminal defense matters exclusively for individuals and entities in state and federal courts, locally and throughout the United States.. Our purpose and goals are to provide effective and trustworthy legal advice to individuals and entities under investigation and to provide a zealous and effective defense against criminal charges in all State and Federal courts.




Robert G. Amsel


David Raben


Joseph Nascimento


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