Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are basically forms of sexual behavior which are criminal in nature. It can include rape, assault, lust murder and other forms of sexual abuse. The common misconception is that only women fall prey to such advancements, which is not entirely true. Men and children fall in this category as well, with the latter having more percentage than the former. Several acts of sexual behavior are prohibited depending upon jurisdiction and law. A lot of countries practice law based on religious sentiment, unlike the western culture which has developed certain tolerance to an extent for certain acts which might be considered unlawful in some countries like extra marital affairs, prostitution, public nudity etc learn more here.

Other forms of sexual crimes are spousal rape, amateurism, voyeurism, incest, necrophilia, sodomy and animal beastliness. All of these activities are deemed criminal in nature and strict laws have been enforced to keep a check on them