Benjamin S. Waxman

06•19•2014 | by: CrimlawFirm

Benjamin S. Waxman

Miami Criminal Appellate Lawyer, Benjamin S. Waxman is one of the few Certified by the Florida Bar as a Criminal Appellate Specialist. Benjamin was born and raised in Milwaukee and graduated from the University of Miami School of Law with honors in 1983. He is a member of the Florida and Colorado Bars and is also a member of, and has argued cases in, nearly all federal appellate courts.

In 1994, Benjamin argued and won in the United States Supreme Court in Williamson v. United States, reversing his clients 25 year sentence and narcotics trafficking conviction as well as establish important precedent safeguarding a defendants constitutional right to confrontation. Benjamin is one of a select group of Florida Criminal Appellate Attorneys who have argued before the United States Supreme Court.

Benjamin also obtained a Florida Supreme Court victory in Peart v. State, 2000, supporting the recognition of an immigrant clients right to seek the vacation of their criminal convictions if they were not advised of the possibility their conviction may result in deportation.

Benjamin Waxman has had numerous significant victories in federal criminal appellate cases and his practice involves a significant amount of postconviction and habeas corpus litigation, several which have resulted in the vacation and reversal of life sentences and convictions in federal and Florida state court capital sexual battery, robbery, burglary and aggravated assault cases.

Benjamin S. Waxman

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